SCOBO UP & DOWN VARIO LED W You spend about a third of your life in your bedroom. It's where you go to curl up and relax, read or listen to music. In the mornings, however, when you start your day, the bedroom is a hive of activity as you look for clothes in the wardrobe, get dressed, make the bed, and so on. Good lighting in your bedroom needs to be just as versatile. The basic idea is to create ambient lighting for activities such as making the bed and cleaning without submerging the room in too bright a light. However, if you do not want zone lighting for your cupboards and shelves, the ambient lighting has to be bright enough for you to find things. A further important factor is a reading light for your bed. Additional mood lights create a pleasant atmosphere. Zone lighting for pictures also has a particularly enjoyable effect. It is useful if you can switch the ambient lighting on and off from your bed, although many bedrooms do not have the required arrangement of light switches. In such cases, modern remote controls let you upgrade simply and without cables.