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The BRUCK display concept for high-quality

At the BRUCK-showroom, you'll see the quality, flexibility and simplicity of our display concept. Clean lines, bright colours and high-gloss surfaces accentuate the timeless and sophisticated style of BRUCK products. The display concept objective is to present products from the BRUCK range in your display area in a particularly high-quality and appealing manner, and thus provide you with a persuasive sales tool. To make the displays as simple as possible for your purposes, we have standardised them using a flexible system. Amongst the standard components are the floor, wall and ceiling displays and display furniture (showcases, counters and cabinets). The variable components, including front panels, frames, bases and ceiling panels, can be flexibly integrated into many displays and can be easily replaced when updating the products. Installing the display takes an instant: the BRUCK ready-mounted displays simply require unpacking and installing. Electrical connection is done via a plug, and requires no tools. Our professional installation team will be happy to support you.

At our showroom, we can show you a fine selection from the BRUCK range, with enough space for the light effect to be seen. The BRUCK bestsellers are therefore able to give an impression, in a particularly aesthetic, clear and orderly manner, of how the display could be integrated into your own display area. Additional atmosphere is provided by the pictures which emotionalise the display and give it a stylish ambience. A retail environment designed in this way captures the attention, supports you in giving advice and the customer in making a positive decision to purchase.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a dealer at our BRUCK showroom. We will happily advise and assist you in planning your customised display concept. For comprehensive advice, please contact your local sales representative. For advice from BRUCK in situ, we would ask you to phone or email in advance:

+49 (0) 2323 591-213 or

If you want to get started with planning immediately…

… you can also download our showroom brochure with examples. Planning is fast and convenient thanks to each display component being catalogued with an item number.

You can likewise request the necessary components using the order form.